Starting Up & Right: Conversations with a Startup CFO - Episode 01 - Deep Dive: The Financial Model

Ryan Keating and Trae Nickelson discuss the role and importance of a sound and active financial model in the creation and growth of successful startups.

Starting Up & Right: Conversations with a Startup CFO - A New Web Series for Startups

In this Prologue/Intro episode, we introduce the co-hosts and discuss the premise of a new web series focused on startups from the perspective and experiences of a Silicon Valley startup CFO. The episode covers the background of Ryan Keating and how he formed his perspectives on successful startup finance. Future guests will include startup founders, investors (VCs and angels), consultants/experts, and board members of startups. Key themes central to each show include fundraising, financial modeling, and board meetings.

The Keating COVID Chronicles

As the startup world tentatively enters the “return-to-office” phase of this COVID adventure and prepares for the “new normal,” we thought it might be interesting to briefly chronicle Keating’s own experiences and efforts so far in adjusting to the realities of social (and professional) distancing while supporting fast-moving startups during a pandemic. This post summarizes our own experiences and discusses our team's planning and decision-making processes.

Dashboards for Startups

A dashboard is almost as essential for your startup as it is for your car. Dashboarding can be transformative to your company and provide you, your executive team, and your investors with a new level of data-driven confidence, speed, and direction. But what makes a good dashboard, and how should you use it as the centerpiece for driving your startup?

Keating Expands Further Into Cannabis, Launches Mattari Group

In response to the unique needs of the burgeoning cannabis industry, Keating Consulting Group has launched its first spin-off specialty practice - Mattari Group, LLC. Mattari’s mission is to take the same finance, accounting, HR, and back-office expertise that Keating Consulting Group has perfected serving several of the Bay Area’s most successful tech startups and apply it to help grow startups in the cannabis arena.

Startup Cheat Code: Product/Zeitgeist Fit

At a recent a16z Summit, D'Arcy Coolican of Andreessen Horowitz insightfully expanded on the simple-but-crucial element of market timing for a startup by examining the concepts of societal "zeitgeists". If a startup is addressing one or more core issues within a current zeitgeist, they greatly increase the chance of survival because the solution doesn't have to be perfect out of the gate - the zeitgeist wants it solved so badly that society almost wills success and grants patience. Good stuff. Take a listen.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

You have another year to comply. California employers with 5 or more employees (no matter where located or what kind) must provide harassment prevention training to supervisors and employees.

Banking and Credit Solutions for Startups

Credit cards and banks are all the same, right? Yeah, we used to think so too.  But recently we found (and partnered) with two companies that are paying particular attention to what startups need and are providing solutions that can actually make a difference. Meet BREX and First Republic Bank.

Sexual Harassment Training Required for CA Startups

California employers with 5 or more employees (no matter where located or what kind) must provide harassment prevention training to supervisors and employees.

An Updated Employee Handbook Protects You and Your Startup's Culture

2017 and the beginning or 2018 has seen several changes, laws, trends, and standards that need to be considered when forming your company policies.